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Our research goal is to understand how gene networks control cell behavior. We focus on important cancer genes

and trisomy 21.

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Cell Reports paper on TIP60 and HIF1A makes it to the cover of the Denver Post

July 29, 2016


Our recent paper in Cell Reports describing the interplay between HIF1A and its two co-factors, TIP60 and CDK8, during the cellular response to hypoxia was recently featured in the cover of the Denver Post. Journalist Kevin Simpson summarized the findings in the paper and also described the multiple collaborations that enabled this set of discoveries.

The fruit of this nice collaboration with the Wappner lab in Buenos Aires and the Daniels' team at Promega is now published in the open access journal Cell Reports. Read it here.

Congratulations to Dr. Perez-Castro's team in Buenos Aires for this great paper. We are happy to have collaborated in the characterization of KANSL2. Read it here.

Our first paper on trisomy 21 is now published and is bound to be a big one. Trisomy 21 consistently activates the Interferon response, which could explain much about the etiology of Down syndrome. Read the paper here.

Cell Reports paper on TIP60 as a HIF1A co-activator is out.

Collaboration paper in Cancer Research

eLIFE paper on the impact of trisomy 21 on Interferon signaling is out.



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