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We envision a future when our molecular and cellular understanding of health and disease will be so advanced that we will no longer fear hospitals and doctors.


We predict transformative scientific advances that will enable the precise diagnosis and treatment of any disease at an affordable price.


We imagine a form of medicine that fully acknowledges our unique molecular identities and histories. We envision a gentle and elegant medical practice where molecular diagnostics and precise molecular therapeutics are employed to prevent disease and restore health.


While we accept that suffering is a key ingredient of life, we abhor the unnecessary suffering caused by some current medical practices. Nowhere is this unnecesary suffering more obvious than in cancer medicine.


We abhor the use of poisonous, cancer-causing chemotherapeutic agents and ionizing radiation to treat cancer patients. We despise the impersonalized nature of these treatments, which ignore the uniqueness of our tumors. We envision a more humane treatment of cancer patients.


We also envision a much improved medical practice for individuals with Down syndrome, the condition caused by trisomy 21. This genetic condition has been severely underserved by the international research enterprise. Although much progress has been made toward social inclusion of individuals with trisomy 21, this research field remains in its infancy.  We envision a future where a detailed understanding of the molecular, cellular and organismal effects of trisomy 21 will enable the deployment of better diagnostic and therapeutic tools to serve this vulnerable population.


Our Mission is to fulfill this Vision.