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We strive to perform scientific research that will have a positive impact on the quality of human life.


In order to identify areas of research where we can make an important contribution, we search for scientific problems that fulfill our human need for Integrity, Service, Excellence and Enjoyment.


Integrity. We aim for Integrity in our research program, as defined by a consistent and predictable set of actions that align with our values and ideals, bringing us closer to the fulfillment of our Vision.


Service. We do research that we believe, sooner rather than later, will be of tangible service. We embark on research projects where our imagination can foresee a path, no matter how risky, from the current experiment to an actionable discovery that will improve the human experience.


Excellence. We believe that we can only reach excellence while working on projects that we are passionate about. If we don’t really care for the answer, we don’t ask the question and the experiment is left undone. We ask questions that keep us working long hours and awake at night. We design experiments that will produce the most unequivocal and complete possible answers. We are impatient to obtain the result and design the next experiment.


Enjoyment. We aim for joy in our daily work. We do fun experiments. We avoid repeating ourselves. We enjoy exploration and adventure. We challenge ourselves to ask hard questions and design sophisticated and elegant experiments. We are artistic in our experimental designs and scientific presentations. We love adopting new techniques and using cool instruments. The lab is our playground and our projects are our canvases.